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As silence can be interpreted as indifference, Tripp Umbach condemns the murder of George Floyd at the hand of law enforcement officers in Minneapolis, as well as all innocent black lives unjustly taken throughout our country’s history.  Only when all persons are treated with respect and human dignity regardless of race, color, creed, or orientation can we achieve a more perfect union – without these fundamental protections we all lose.


About Tripp Umbach
We build purposeful, long-lasting relationships with leading organizations in the healthcare, higher education, academic medicine, economic development, and tourism industries. Our reputation is built on our ability to balance vision, innovation, creativity, and rigorous attention to detail to create measurable and impactful results.


Creative, solution-based studies that effectively communicate the metrics and merits of each customized assignment.

Community Health consulting services across the entire healthcare continuum.

Primary research studies that drive clients’ strategies, help them enhance market share, and increase return on investment.
Aligning research findings with business objectives in a cohesive framework for decision-making.

Feasibility studies and business plans at the intersection of medicine and higher education, both UME and GME focused.


Northwest Arkansas Council Comprehensive Assessment

Tripp Umbach was invited by the Northwest Arkansas Council (NWA) to conduct an assessment and impact study that identified a pathway toward establishing sustainable economic and social impact, improved health care access, and improved quality of care.

Charles R. Drew University Accreditation Support

Tripp Umbach has been an advisor to the Charles R. Drew University Medicine and Biological Sciences in South Los Angeles. Tripp Umbach’s on-going work includes a recent Business Plan and working with CDU to prepare a successful LCME application.

Impact Study of the University of Minnesota

Tripp Umbach was retained by the University of Minnesota to provide a comprehensive impact study analyzing the economic, employment, government revenue, and community benefits that arise from university operations.

Tourism Study of Fallingwater

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy commissioned a tourism study by Tripp Umbach to quantify the current economic impact associated with Fallingwater on the region as well as projected impacts in 2025 that include assumed increased visitation occurring due to the World Heritage site designation.

Economic Impact of UC San Diego

UC San Diego retained Tripp Umbach to identify and describe UCSD’s financial, scientific, educational, cultural, and intellectual impacts over the last decade. UC San Diego has made a tremendous impact in the region in a relatively short time.

Highmark and Allegheny Health Network (AHN)

Tripp Umbach conducted a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Implementation Strategy Plan (ISP) for the AGH service area to fulfill IRS requirements and gain a better understanding of the health needs of the region.

South Georgia Simulation and Education Center Analysis

Tripp Umbach worked closely with leadership from the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center and the South Georgia Medical Education & Research Consortium to conduct market analysis and coordinate/facilitate a regional planning symposium.

Duquesne University Osteopathic Medical School

Tripp Umbach was retained by Duquesne University to analyze and independently assess the feasibility of the development of a four-year osteopathic medical school in Pittsburgh, PA.

Economic Impact of the University of Pittsburgh – 2018

The University of Pittsburgh retained Tripp Umbach to update historical studies as well as measure the economic, employment, and government revenue impacts of operations and research of all of its campuses.

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