Carnegie Mellon Market Research Study

Tripp Umbach has specific experience in the performance of comprehensive higher education market research projects directed at benchmarking, increasing enrollments, initiating new academic partnerships, increasing awareness, and demonstrating the value of University clients.

In 2010, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) engaged Tripp Umbach to develop and assist the ongoing MBA curriculum review for the University’s Tepper School of Business. The CMU Tepper School of Business, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, consistently ranks among the top business schools in the world. International rankings have placed the business school’s MBA program within the Top 20 of U.S. business schools.

From Tripp Umbach’s research, the Tepper School of Business was able to better understand how it is perceived by key stakeholders and what those audiences see as the core benefits to students, faculty, alumni, and the corporate environment. Tripp Umbach worked collaboratively with the key stakeholders to provide valuable data, insights, and analysis needed to increase the quality and effectiveness of the current academic experience.