In December 2015, the City of Richmond, VA City Council voted to pass a resolution to support an economic development strategy to achieve the “highest and best” use for city-owned real estate in the downtown area of Richmond. The Timmons Group, on behalf of the City of Richmond, VA, requested a proposal from Tripp Umbach to conduct facilitation and execution of public engagement procedures for the proposed Boulevard site redevelopment. To do this, Tripp Umbach developed a comprehensive communications plan and public engagement strategy designed to solicit feedback and incorporate comment into the final “Preliminary Market Analysis” report.

Specifically, Tripp Umbach provided facilitation and continued project management, including a series of public meetings, stakeholder interviews, survey collection, and project updates. This study took into account the current impact of the property in 2015 (i.e., baseline impact) and the impact of the development of the property following the highest and best use plan in 2020, 2025, and when fully developed in 2035.