Duquesne University Osteopathic Medical School

Tripp Umbach was retained by Duquesne University to analyze and independently assess the feasibility of the development of a four-year osteopathic medical school in Pittsburgh, PA. The completed feasibility study and business plan provided leaders at Duquesne University with information needed to make a decision about proceeding with integrating an osteopathic medical school into the University’s health science education and research infrastructure. Tripp Umbach completed a comprehensive feasibility study process involving secondary data analysis and interviews with key stakeholders throughout a six-month timeframe.

Duquesne University boasts a robust and successful health sciences department, which will serve as an asset in the development of an osteopathic program. In addition, the University places a great importance in pursuing a potential osteopathic program in conjunction with both internal and external partnerships it has throughout the region.

Provided that the key factors for success outlined are developed, Duquesne should be successful in opening a high-quality sustainable osteopathic medical school that meets the needs of 21st-century learners, teachers, healthcare delivery systems, and most importantly patients.