The partnership between Kansas City University and Tripp Umbach represents a unique opportunity for the university to develop a 5-year strategic plan, and subsequently, communicate the economic and community impacts stemming directly from that strategic vision and implementation process. Tripp Umbach worked with KCU to develop their 5-year strategic plan in 2016. The 2016-2021 strategic plan developed high-level strategic priorities and developed revised mission and vision statements, as well as key strategic focus areas, and strategies related to strategic planning.

Kansas City University has been at the forefront of health care since 1916. For more than a century, KCU has been committed to a primary objective – producing highly qualified and compassionate osteopathic physicians. Today our objective has grown to include the training of scientists, ethicists and a range of health professionals who will transform the 21st century.

Understanding our purpose and embracing the vision for our institution will help KCU effectively train physicians and health professionals for another 100 years. While the planning horizon for this document is five years (2017-2022), it establishes the foundation for our second century of service to communities throughout the nation and the world. Our strategic plan includes the following set of goals that support our mission of improving the well-being of the communities we serve.

The Steering Committee worked closely with Tripp Umbach in managing a comprehensive data collection process, resulting in the identification and prioritization of key areas and associated goals, strategies and tasks. The final outcome of the process resulted in a detailed and prioritized plan for KCU for the next five years.

View the full strategic plan here.

View the economic impact numbers, see KCU’s web page here.

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