Since 1914, MSA has been the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality safety products. Tripp Umbach has a history of conducting comprehensive qualitative and quantitative market research studies for MSA.

In 2008, MSA retained Tripp Umbach to execute a national quantitative research initiative. The research provided a snapshot of the MSA brand and its competitors’ position within the North American Construction Market segment. The research was designed to quantify key drivers of importance upon purchasers and decision makers of safety equipment within the construction market segment.

In 2009, Tripp Umbach designed and conducted qualitative research among end-users of Fire Service PPE to take “the pulse” of the industry and assess the impact of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG) and the subsequent financial implications on state and municipal budgets throughout the United States.  

In 2013, MSA contracted with Tripp Umbach to conduct qualitative research among distributors and end-users of safety protection, specifically hard hats. The 2013 study built upon previous study findings. The research observed consumer purchasing behaviors to better understand why they choose the MSA brand over other hard hat brands.