In November 2016, Odyssey House Louisiana (OHL) retained Tripp Umbach to conduct an economic and community impact study to determine the financial and social benefits of OHL’s operations and services on the State of Louisiana, its communities, and residents. After completing in-depth research, gathering financial information on OHL, conducting interviews with internal and external key stakeholders, and generating current and projected economic impact models, Tripp Umbach developed a report to highlight the key economic and community impact findings.

Serving approximately 700 clients per month, OHL fills a needed service gap in a region affected by substance abuse. OHL provides a breadth of health and social services, including substance addiction treatment, mental and physical health care, counseling and case management, and life-skills training. The treatment and health care services of OHL give individuals the tools to overcome addiction and take control of their health.

The analysis determined the current (FY 16) economic impact of OHL, as well as projected economic impact (FY 21) that OHL can have on the State economy with future expansion of sites and services. Beyond economic impact, the study also highlighted the immense community benefits that OHL has on local communities and the State of Louisiana as a whole, which includes providing a cost-savings to taxpayers, reducing incarceration rates, and providing clients with the opportunity to re-enter society as contributing members. Findings from the study demonstrate OHL’s role as an economic driver and indispensable resource in the State, and with continued support, OHL will increase its impact on residents and communities throughout Louisiana.