Since 2002, Carrie has managed studies for hundreds of clients throughout the United States. She serves as a Senior Principal for Tripp Umbach’s market research, consumer image, community health, economic impact studies, and facility assessments. As a result, Carrie has extensive experience developing and conducting complex research projects for colleges and universities, major medical centers, and leading Fortune 500 companies throughout United States.

Her extensive project management and research skills have been employed in the management of large-scale brand image studies and in complex Customer Value Analysis assignments, helping clients optimize current market positions and enter new markets. Since 1994, Carrie has been developing and conducting complex research projects across the United States. In addition to her years of experience at Tripp Umbach, Carrie worked for TNS-I, a worldwide leader in market research for seven years.

Carrie holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, PA and is currently pursuing a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.