Areas of Focus: Economic Impact | Market Research | Strategic Planning | Medical Education Planning

Key Strengths: Collaborative Partner, Analytical Insight, Innovative Solutions

About Carrie:
As Senior Principal, Carrie brings experience spanning more than 20 years in the research and consulting field to benefit the clients Tripp Umbach serves. She has worked with well over 100 clients throughout the United States and Canada. Her domains of expertise include market research, consumer image, community health, economic impact and feasibility assessments.

Carrie has a mastery of analysis and delivers more than data and recommendations. With her creative insight and analytical acumen, Carrie charts the smartest and most efficient path to success for her clients. She is highly skilled at demonstrating value and opportunities for societal impact.

A proven contributor in the industry, Carrie has led diverse projects for major medical centers, higher education institutions and leading Fortune 500 companies including Highmark Health, Boston Children’s Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her extensive project management and research skills to lead large-scale brand image studies and complex Customer Value Analysis assignments, helping clients optimize current market positions and enter new markets.

Furthering her efforts to create positive impact in the community, Carrie volunteers on the Growth Partnership Committee for the Erie Regional Chamber and as an Occupational Advisory Committee Member for the Erie County Technical School.

Carrie’s tenure at Tripp Umbach is highlighted by years of successful collaborations creating immeasurable client and community benefit.