Dr. Eric Anthony Johnson is both an accomplished executive and urban redevelopment entrepreneur, consistently delivering results by leveraging a solid academic, real estate, community development, and policy background. By applying strong business acumen and leadership talents, Eric is as much at home building organizations through his enthusiastic energy, collaborative approach, and trust management as he is in making key contributions to real estate, community, and economic development strategy at any level. Dr. Eric Anthony Johnson is a driven consummate executive whose career evidences exceptional leadership skills combined with a strong background in change management and operational transformations. He can bring game-changing approaches, solutions, and perspectives to the table due to his past experience in creating innovative, high impact organizations. Dr. Johnson is a proven difference-maker and change agent who knows how to deliver solutions by crafting vision and executing strategy that leads to concrete results.

Dr. Johnson has a broad range of redevelopment experience having worked on urban development projects and issues in the Northeast, Midwest, South, and Southeastern regions of the United States. Dr. Johnson is continually energized by challenging opportunities and the pursuit of excellence and is a lifelong learner who values creativity, leadership, challenges, and opportunities to inspire people to achieve higher levels of success. As a seasoned urban development professional that has experienced both success and failure, Dr. Johnson knows firsthand the commitment and sacrifice required to assist communities in developing strategies for economic success. He is well versed and knowledgeable of the overall context of urban development in America and has testified before the United States Congress on community development initiatives and is an active contributor to several professional affiliations.

Dr. Johnson holds a PhD in Urban Affairs and Public Policy where his dissertation examined the impact of Black Mayor community development spending in the cities of Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. He is also an Alumnus of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate; the Harvard University Business School Real Estate Management Program; the Harvard JFK School of Government Public Trust Executive Leadership Training and is a Certified Economic Development Finance Professional.