Patricia St. Germain joined the University of Arizona College of Medicine Administration as associate dean for administrative and financial affairs in 1988 after serving as director of finance and administration in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She served as associate vice president for health sciences for five years. In turn, she participated in several research projects in Africa under USAID and Fulbright sponsorships. She has chaired the Arizona Health Sciences Finance Committee and served on the University Finance Committee. Patricia has served on the University’s Strategic Planning and Budget Advising Committee, the University’s Finance Committee for its North Central accreditation process and the Council for Academic Business Officers. While in the College of Medicine, she was a member of the Dean’s Executive Council, the Dean’s Research Council, and chaired the College of Medicine educational resources committee for the Liaison Committee on Medical Education through two accreditation processes. She has worked intensely on financial and administrative matters pertaining to the expansion of University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix from visioning through final budget approval from the Arizona state legislature.

With a Master of Science in Management and Policy and a degree in Accounting from University of Arizona, Patricia has presented workshops at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) for the Group on Senior Women in Medicine; the Group on Medical Education; been a member of various committees at the AAMC and completed a term as national president of the Group on Business Affairs. She has been a contributing author in Academic Medicine publications: Gender differences in academic advancement; supporting the academic mission in an era of constrained resources; and Timing of revenue streams from newly recruited faculty: implications for faculty recruitment.

Currently, Patricia serves as a financial and management consultant with the College of Medicine, University of Arizona and as a member of the Tripp Umbach team providing input and analysis for the feasibility of new and expanding medical schools. Recent projects have been with the Commonwealth Medical School of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Medical College of Georgia, University of Texas Tech, University of St Thomas, and King College.