Terrebonne General Medical Center and Chabert Medical Center both have a long history of partnering with community organizations, innovating strategies to provide care for the medically underserved, vulnerable populations, and serving the general community. TGMC and CMC completed their 2020 CHNA and ISP together as they have shared service areas and are able to evaluate current strategies, deliver high-quality services, and be leaders for the community. TGMC and CMC, state-of-the-art hospitals are dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate healthcare to the community. The medical centers are committed to the health and wellness of residents, families, staff, and the people of southeast Louisiana.

TGMC and CMC, with project management and consultation by Tripp Umbach, included input from representatives of the broad interests of the community served by the hospital, including those with special knowledge of public health issues; data related to underserved, hard-to-reach, vulnerable populations; and representatives of vulnerable populations served by the hospital. Through Tripp Umbach’s assessment, TGMC and CMC were able to identify community behaviors related to obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and smoking and developed implementation strategies to address those behaviors, with the ultimate goal of improving community health.

Terrebonne General Medical Center and Chabert Medical Center will continue to work closely with community organizations, nonprofit establishments, local businesses, schools, and governmental institutions, to positively impact the region’s health. Local and statewide partners understand the importance of the CHNA towards future strategies in order to improve the health and well-being of residents in their community. TGMC and CMC will work with partners to effectively address and resolve the identified needs from the 2020 assessment.

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