UC San Diego Economic Impact

The University of California San Diego is a powerhouse in education, research, health care, and community engagement, and plays an important role in the generation of economic impact, employment, and government revenue in the local areas where the campus operates and throughout the state. UC San Diego retained Tripp Umbach to identify and describe UCSD’s financial, scientific, educational, cultural, and intellectual impacts over the last decade.

The Economic Impact study explored UCSD’s impact across many areas including: Direct Impact ($5.8B), Indirect and Operational Impact ($6.6B), Research Impact ($2.3B), Visitor Spending ($1.0B), and Student Spending ($.08B). Significant impacts on employment, state and local government revenue, and impact on the city of San Diego were also noted.

UC San Diego has made a tremendous impact in the region in a relatively short time. The campus continues to grow and expand, maintaining its standards of excellence in all domains, and will continue to grow for a number of years. Included in this growth, the Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project, an eleven-mile addition to the Blue Line Trolley will supply transportation from Santa Fe Depot in San Diego to University City.

You can read the full reports here.