Tripp Umbach worked with Augusta University’s Medical College of Georgia (MCG) to expand medical education throughout the state of Georgia. A detailed roadmap was completed and approved by the Georgia Board of Regents. The roadmap included plans for the development of a four-year regional campus in Athens, Georgia in partnership with the University of Georgia, as well as additional clinical campuses throughout the state. The strategic roadmap indicated that the expansion of MCG should occur and that a total of 300 students per class statewide could be sustainable.

Today, Augusta University’s founding school, MCG graduates the largest number of physicians of the four Georgia-based medical schools.

In 2018, Tripp Umbach was invited by MCG to update the 2008 study (i.e., base year as 2008, 10-year update in 2018, and projections to 2028). MCG requested that Tripp Umbach compete a preliminary statewide primary care workforce needs and economic assessment associated with workforce expansion, particularly in regions where MCG has existing clinical campuses.

Most recently, Tripp Umbach evaluated the market opportunity and benefits of expanding medical education in Georgia through an Accelerated Primary Care Career (APCC) 3+3 track. The project included impact projections associated with graduate medical education. The preliminary study provided MCG leadership with a high-level understanding of the need and opportunity for expanding medical education throughout Georgia, specifically in primary care through an APCC 3+3 track.