Grammy’s House, a domestic violence shelter in Artesia, New Mexico, contracted with Tripp Umbach to determine the feasibility of developing a new transitional housing agency for women and children in crisis called Haven of Hope. The facility is slotted to be located in Artesia and will be housed under Grammy’s House and provide temporary housing for women and their families in crisis.

The undertaking of building a transitional housing facility that promotes healthy and independent life skills for women and their children is part of the organization’s mission. Clients who can obtain and live in a stable home environment with assistance from Haven of Hope will bring value to the community it serves.

Tripp Umbach explored manners that would impact Haven of Hope through the feasibility process in order to report opportunities and/or challenges – capturing, evaluating, and prioritizing the needs of the future facility.

Through the facilitation of a comprehensive feasibility study process that included measures such as in-depth interviews, environmental analysis, and focus groups, Tripp Umbach determined that the development of a women’s transitional housing facility in Artesia was feasible.