In April 2014, the City of New York finalized terms and conditions with the federal government for a groundbreaking waiver that allowed the state to reinvest $8 billion in federal savings. The waiver amendment dollars allowed for comprehensive reform through a Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program.

The goal of this program was to promote community-level collaboration and focus on system reform in order to reduce avoidable inpatient admissions and emergency room visits by 25% over five  years for the Medicaid and uninsured populations in New York State.

An initial step in the planning process for DSRIP was a Community Needs Assessment to inform the health system transformation required under the DSRIP program. Tripp Umbach provided a comprehensive evaluation of the demographics and health needs assessment of the population. The comprehensive assessment identified needed services, resources, and connectivity corrected through DSRIP projects.  Tripp Umbach has enjoyed a 15 year relationship with HHC to complete multiple community health assessments.