University of Pittsburgh Economic Impact

Tripp Umbach was retained to update the historical impact studies and measure the current economic, employment, and government revenue impacts of the operations and research on each of the campuses of the University of Pittsburgh.

Pitt continues to shine as one of the world’s greatest higher education institutions and continually receives accolades for its accomplishments in research and innovation. In 2018, the University had an operational impact of nearly $4.2 B on the Commonwealth and the research operations provided $1.7 B in statewide impact. Supporting more than 37,800 jobs in the state, generating $184 M in state and local tax revenue, providing $73.1 M in impact to local charities, all while graduating over 9,000 students annually.

Tripp Umbach found that Pitt is not only an educational institution in the state but an economic driver, an innovation engine, a career builder, a talent cultivator, a community connector, and so much more.

You can read the Full Report here.
You can read the Executive Summary here.